I know that this isn’t a forum where you can post a question and receive answers from a multitude of sources but I thought I’d try this anyway.

Whatever you may be wondering about various species – salmon run timing – probable weather conditions – tackle, whatever, post them as a comment and I will attempt to answer you.

Although I am located in South Central AK. I have some experience in other parts of the state so I may be able to point you toward your best chance to get the best Alaskan fishing experience possible.

Here in the Greater Mat-Su Valley we have adequate snow for the first winter in 3 years. What that can mean is an open question. If we have a cool spring this means that water levels will be sustained well into the season as the runoff will come gradually. If we have warm weather by late May early June this can mean that we will see high, colored and challenging fishing conditions during the King Salmon run which occurs mid May through June. Aside from runoff considerations the balance of the year and our water levels will be dependent on rainfall like many other parts of the country.

In the years since I took up residence here I’ve seen the best and worst of fishing conditions. The Best would include medium flows with clear water and if you are fortunate to have this the fishing is generally great. The worst, at least the worst I’ve seen while doing the fish guide thing was just last season. My first two pairs of fishermen had good conditions and between them they caught several hundred salmon. One fellow managed 4 species catching everything except a sockeye. We also caught a few nice trout during those two weeks. The worst came as two more fishers came to the same came only things had changed. It had been raining steadily for 4 days in advance of their arrival and continued to rain hard for the next 26 days.

The water was high and pretty colored; although we were consistently fishing in – over and through thousands of Silver & Chum salmon there were very few fish caught. During that period (5 days) I tried every trick I’ve learned to entice salmon onto hooks while attempting to crack the code for my two guests but alas these efforts failed. With that in the back of my mind I would encourage folks to ask as many questions as they can think of prior to heading to AK. for salmon because when it’s good it can be off the charts good but when it’s bad, well you gotta love fishing because that’s what may be left.

I’m headed off on Monday March 6th to haul a load of fuel to the cabin. If any replies / comments come in whille I’m away I’ll be answering as soon as I return.



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