Thus far while the salmon returns can be hard to predict the rainbow trout continue to support day to day angling with some of the most beautiful fish I’ve ever seen caught daily. In order to experience trout fishing at its best multi day trips are necessary. This is due to the locations we will be fishing for the trout. The easiest way to reach the best river in South central Alaska is by air and I will be happy to help you arrange the most affordable transit into the Interior. Once you are on the ground I will meet your plane and finish the transport via river boat to a camp that will serve as our home until your departure. Here in Alaska there are few roads compared to wherever you may be used to fishing. There are roads that cross many streams but as you may suspect those access areas suffer a great deal of pressure. There are places that see very little fishing pressure but those are the ones that require some logistics planning to reach.

The trout take up all the slack in a days fishing and they average right around 18 inches in size. Throughout the season they continue to increase in weight as they feed like crazy all spring – summer and fall. This makes for fishing where the fly pattern does not matter as much as your ability to cast to where we need that fly to land. Below are a few of the trout and silvers that were caught in 2014.

Gregg with Silver0130
David with Trout0129
Brad with Silver0132
Gary With Fish0027
Ard with Trout0131
Ard with Trout0128
Ard with Trout0127

Every trout was released unharmed and those pictures were staged with just a quick lift of the trout or salmon to provide some memories. Many, many more fish were caught but I won’t bore you with a never ending string of photos. The fishermen also caught Chum and Pink salmon as well as a few Grayling and Char. All in all a great days fishing for everyone and those who were here know who you are…………


  1. December 30, 2014

    Ard, Thank you for a true fly fishing adventure of a lifetime in 2014. The trout fishing was phenomenal and my first King was indeed welcomed! I look very forward to future trips.

  2. January 1, 2015
    Ard Stetts

    Hey Buddy,
    It’s good to hear from you, this will be a great year I’m sure. I’ve got some new tackle just waiting for you. Since you were here I picked up 2 more of those light Spey rods and am pretty sure you’ll love them. The fish are out there waiting for a swung fly.

    See you soon,



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