The very best fun of the year was seeing the fellows catch trout. Unlike salmon fishing there was no pressure because the trout were everywhere and they provided some memorable days for each angler. These are some of the trout of 2014, everyone caught plenty of trout. The size range of these fish runs from 13″ to 22 – 23 inches. Average catches will be 15 – 18 inch rainbows. There are a lot of pictures on this post so take your time and enjoy the absolutely beautiful coloration of these marvels of nature.

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Fish0167      Fish0171

Fish0165      Fish0157Fish0152      Fish0164Fish0155      Fish0148

Not many Grayling at all this year, I don’t know why.

Fish0145      Kevin's Grayling0044Fish0146      Fish0169

Everyone had to stop and admire the fish at least once or twice. however some fellows caught and released a great many fish each day with hardly a photo snapped. The trout fishing when combined with the scenery and solitude are second to none.

Fish0168       Fish0162Fish0161      Fish0166

Now this last picture……….. you had to be there to get the irony of this. Chris is from Switzerland, he learned to Spey cast on day 2 of his week long fishing trip. During his days he was catching a lot of really nice trout and I believe he became desensitized to the fact that these fish were big and fat. I kept urging him to allow more pictures but he just kept on unhooking trout and casting again. He told me that when he caught a really big one we would take a picture. When I saw this fish on his line and he was so far from shore I tried to get him to come in with the fish. Finally I called for him to “lift the head” so I could tell how large it was.

He did this.


Of course I hollered “No No not like that”. Oops, that ten pound test popped like 6X tippet. The knot attached to that tube fly hook broke when the trout protested a split second after I took the picture.  I know now that I should have ran out to net it but honestly he was catching a fish every other cast. He was just reeling them and unhooking them one after another and told me we didn’t have to mess with a net……………. As far as we know it was unharmed but with a size 6 trailer hook  stuck in the tip of the bottom jaw. The tube fly was retrieved when it fell free but we never had a chance to have a good look at the trout. The fisherman is 6 foot 2 inches tall and I’m guessing that trout to be the largest ‘landed’ all year, perhaps an honest 26 inch or a little more. I myself as well as others have hooked some truly large trout this past year, the problem is getting them into a net before they escape………………… Great catch Chris!

There were hundreds of rainbows caught in 2014 and I’m going after some just as soon as this winter is over. If you decide to come up I’ll be taking you with me on another adventure to where we can fish in peace.


  1. January 11, 2015

    Nice fish ya got there, Ard, and a nice website too! Looks like Chris had a good time!

    Hope you and Nancy are doing well!



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