Recent Fishing Results

Recent Fishing Results

I’ve spent June at our cabin working on the property and buildings there. Even with all the work that must be done I had time for some fishing.


Although I’ve seen – hooked and lost some pretty large pike the 28″ fish seem to be every where. All of the fish I’ve caught this season took a Whitlock Sculpin on a # 4 streamer hook, brown or olive.


As the summer continues I’ll keep trying to get one of those duck eaters to photograph. Yes, there are pike out there large enough to eat ducks. The problem is finding one when you are ready. I’ve had a few run ins with big pike but each time I was unprepared. It seems that I’ve had the bad luck of the pike waiting until I was sweeping the line and fly from the water to re-cast when they have attacked the fly. This timing has left me in no position to set the hook and all of these fish were lost.

After building a new privy at the cabin I drove the boat out of Hewitt Lake and down the Yetna River to reach the mouth of the Skwentna River. Here you turn up the Skwentna and drive 18 miles through some of the most incredible landscapes in this area. Actually, all the scenery is incredible but this seems more remote to me.

The Out House0001_5

The Skwentna is another large glaciated river with an imposing current and braided channels that will test a river mans skills at reading the waters for navigation. The Tordrillo Mountains which are part of the Alaska Range line your horizons as you ascend the Skwentna. In the last few miles before reaching the Talachultina River you pass through the Skwentna Canyon where the current speeds and channels make for an even more exciting trip.

At the end of the 18 mile ride you find the Tal as it is known to locals. The river is clear and teaming with rainbow trout & grayling. Of course salmon come here as well but I went to catch a few trout. below is an example of what was caught and I have no idea of how many I got. There was however only one grayling caught, that was easy to keep track of.

Rainbow trout from Talachulitna River

Unless I am guiding another fisherman or fishing with my wife, I fish alone out here. This makes it hard to take fish pictures. We have catch & release regulations for rainbow / steelhead trout and they are not to be removed from the water. Because of this rule, unless I catch something extraordinary I generally take a picture of a fish which is representative of all the fish and leave it at that. Actually, trying to handle a Spey rod, a fish, and a camera all at once detracts from the enjoyment for me.

Here’s a snap shot of the Tal.


This river provides every type of water from tight rushing channels to broad Spey casting runs. As I fished the area in the picture I either caught or felt a trout on 50% of my casts. I fished this with a 15′ 7 weight and an Intruder tube fly as seen here.


As I continue working to improve our cabin I will also take time to fish a bit, and post results here as the season goes on.