Offering Ard’s innovative Double Braided Loop Protection for your Welded Loop fly lines and Sink Tips.


Nearly a decade ago I was reeling in a salmon when the line went slack. When I reeled in my line I found that the leader and fly were gone.

The cause of the failure was that monofilament leader that was connected to my welded loop fly line had cut through the welded loop. Like you, I had used the common loop to loop connection of leader to line and after time found that mono will cut right through a sink tip or floating line. That was the only Hi Density tip I had with me because I had never foreseen this as a possibility. If you fish for species that may weigh over 2 pound regularly this cutting of the welded loop is not just a possibility it is a probability.

I solved my problem and then invested in a supply of braided monofilament in various weights & colors. Currently I still have enough stock to be able to make and sell to other anglers but when the material is gone I will remove this offer.

Below is a 3 year old welded loop from one of my lines.
Seen from both sides, do your welded loops look that good after 3 years and numerous large fish caught on the lines?
That line / loop is like new and here’s how I manage that.

What you see above is a braided loop connector that connects direct to my fly lines. The one pictured is an orange 50 pound braid.

The connectors below are the same design but are made in 25 pound and 35 pound braid in black. These are used on the welded loops of your sink tips and Polly leaders.

These loops are available in the following sizes.

Priced by the dozen and delivered in a tracked small mail package.
25 Pound Braid: Black or White material $29.95 / Dozen Loops
35 Pound Braid: Orange material $32.50 / Dozen Loops
35 Pound Braid: Black material $29.95
50 Pound Braid: Black or Orange material $ 29.95 / Dozen Loops

One dozen of these loops will last you for many years. The 35 pound orange are more expensive because that material is difficult to work with and splicing tools often break when I make that size.

Price individually for $3.99 each which includes postage to your address in USA.
International: Same Prices Apply to my Friends in The UK. for all sizes.
Just use the ‘Contact Us’ tab top of page to order and receive Pay Pal address.

Or contact me through The Salmon Fishing Forum @Hardyreels or The North American Fly Fishing Forum @Ard

Image below is another 50 pound orange, these also make great sight indicators to spot the end of line.

These loops are hand made by myself using Gudebrod braided nylon filament hard to find & premium braid.

If you are wondering, will this affect my casting see below.


That white thing you can spot near the front of the unfurling kine is a 50 pound braided double loop. There is also a 15 foot leader connected to the braided connector. The line is an olive colored 45′ Scandi head with orange running line you can begin to see being fed into the back of the cast.

I have been using these since 2010 and have noticed Zero ‘hinging’ of my line to leader during casting. These protect the welded loops we pay for when we buy new fly lines and I consider them cheap insurance on a $100.00 fly line.

You can contact through the e-mail here on the website if interested, thanks for looking :)