I found this pattern for sale in 2005 and bought a few. I’ve no idea who first tied it and the few I bought were sold in size 4 & 6. I had very little result using them but thought that if they were larger and perhaps had a little ‘bling’ (Crystal Flash) added they may catch a king salmon. That was winter of 2010, I made up a few, the one in this picture was of the first couple tied back then, and I fished them. The very fly from the picture accounted for 8 kings before I lost it to a submerged log in current way to heavy for me to retrieve it from. That was pretty traumatic for a guy who loses very few flies. Since that first fly and those kings in spring 2011 I believe this single pattern has gotten around 24 king salmon. Not bad for something that didn’t work when I first got them. In a few weeks (June 2013) It will be the first fly into the water and I’ll update on the progress then.

You can find a list of many of the flies that have caught the most fish since I moved here and began fishing 9 years ago on the blog page, the post ‘Let’s Check Our fly Boxes’ has some good flies to tie or buy if you come to fish Alaska. Old School, I know……….