Some days are better than others although it’s hard to have a bad day fishing. In 2011 I had caught a number of large king salmon over a five day span. The smallest fish I guesstimate at 22 pounds because all but 3 were released. The fish in this picture was one of many that were caught during the 2011 season. I harvested it and took it home for food. Because it and 2 others were killed I know their weights. The fish pictured weighed 44 pounds and was the largest king salmon that I have caught to date. It was caught using a 13′ 8 weight rod and a traditional salmon fly without weight on that fly.  I have taken a good number of 26 – 32 pound fish and even more of 10 – 20 pounds but this was a real thrill. I forgot to have a camera along and the picture was taken by a kind woman at the boat take out point, done with a cell phone camera. She remembered me and e-mailed this picture to me in August, I caught the fish on June 24th ………………. I was so surprised and pleased to get the picture that I had to call this woman and thank her in person.


Had she simply forgotten me, this would have been a lost treasure in more ways than one. I won’t kill another King like this even if I catch 3 this coming June. My wife and I both enjoyed having the fresh salmon for our table but I never got over the feeling of guilt. Guilt because I look back and wish that somehow it would have lived to pass on those genes which contributed to it becoming such a splendid specimen of the species. The fish and over 25 others have all been caught using the fly which is pictured in the Photo Gallery and in the Fly Index (located on the blog page) The AK. Assassin. I fish the fly with great confidence and so can you, I tie enough to share them with others.