These two fish were taken fishing with my old Orvis Light salmon Bamboo single hand rod and a fly that was a gift from a fishing guide from Arkansas. Although Brandon has never been to Alaska he tied a salmon fly and mailed it to me asking that I give it a go. As you can see, it was a good fly to show on this river and to the salmon. I seldom use that old rod any more because of my love of the long Spey rods. Single hand rods work just fine however the Spey rods are much better suited for casting where there is little room (if any) for a long back cast. If you’ve never tried the 2 hand rods I would be happy to get you started with them. I am not a certified caster but it seems that I have become fair with the rods and can get a person making fish catching casts in a very short while. What I can tell you about Spey rods & casting is that it is not as complicated as many people think. Figuring out what line you need to match both your rod and your style of making a cast are the biggest hurdles.