Here’s a happy angler from Utah with his best catch, a bright male Sockeye taken on a streamer fly while Spey casting. It is widely said here by even those who fly fish that you can’t catch Sockeye salmon on a fly. The common means of catching them is snagging. yes, snagging, even using fly rods with weighted flies and added lead to the leader. I can assure you and so can John, that they will take a fly swung on the current without weight. I have caught many, many sockeye this way. No, not as many or as quickly as I could snagging them, but I’ve seen some pretty amazing days for them. Few things will etch your fisherman’s mind like seeing a 9 pound salmon who is holding in the current at mid river break from his holding spot and chase after a Freight Train salmon fly like a brown trout chasing a minnow. I wish I could make it happen for everyone at least once.