Of all the Char I’ve caught, this was the largest. A full 27″ and released unharmed, there are more where that one came from. Every year I seem to find some good size Dollies. Never have I ran into the huge ones but they have a way of turning up on other peoples lines, maybe there is one for me this year. If I never get one bigger than the one in the picture I’ll live with that. The biggest problem with both trout & char fishing is that places where they are plentiful and big also have way too many people fishing. While catching fish is a good thing, I can’t in good faith send of take a person fishing where it is more crowded than where they came from. This is Alaska for God’s Sake! If you can’t find some solitude here and still catch a few fish while enjoying an almost majestic beauty, then where could you go? I try hard to find fish and avoid people. With all the jet boats (I have one) and aircraft, the lodges, it’s work to find a spot, even here. I guess that’s why you get a guide, to help you find your own little niche. That’s what I do.