Outside it is -6* right now and I have hundreds of photographs and information about fishing and Photo Touring here in Alaska to get posted. It’s been a summer filled with fishing and work at the cabin and now it’s time to bring this web site up to date. I hope you’ll look through the various pages and please be sure to scroll down through the blog posts to see older entries. There are some posts in which I have put pictures of the flies that always catch for me here.


Stay Tuned…………              I keep finding all these great fish that I met this past season . Here are a few more just to get things started in the right direction.


             A June Rainbow and an August Pacific Silver

           River Trout0264                 My Fish0161

This little fella came in the late fall close to home


Although this fish was not large I was playing with a new camera and just loved the result.

River Trout0265

Be sure to scroll down to see all the titles of the entries here on the blog page please. The web site was just put up in April 2013 and with all the work over the summer building content here suffered a bit. I’ll do my best to post more stories and plenty of pictures. I’m going to do one that is dedicated to the fantastic landscapes that I live with here and especially when I travel the rivers.

Thank You for taking time to visit this web site,


  1. November 30, 2013

    More great posts, Ard; really looking forward to experiencing it all in person in ’14.

  2. December 2, 2013
    Ard Stetts

    I’ll be in touch very soon Chris, I’m herding the ducks back in line right now.


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