King Salmon fishing in the Matanuska Susitna Drainage is closed for spring 2019. Anglers are permitted to fish but May Not Target King Salmon. This means rigging and fishing for trout, if you simply enjoy fishing and wish to avoid crowded conditions this may be a good choice. It is likely you will see salmon but I will not be allowing or encouraging anglers to attempt hooking up with them. It does however happen and in such cases the fish are released immediately.

Learn To Cast & Fish With The Spey Rod

My learn to fly fish days cover the 3 facets I consider most important to anyone just beginning this sport. These include proper wading gear and wading technique; casting instructions and the basics of understanding actual fly fishing situations encountered on the waters of Alaska. If you are new to fly casting then this may be something of use to build a good foundation of understanding. I am proficient with both single and 2 hand casting and take great pleasure in helping people get a start in fishing. I am equipped to outfit 2 anglers at a time with identical rod reel combinations to begin your 2 hand casting and fishing experience. Contact to discuss scheduling time and rates.

Currently there are some openings for 2019 fishing.

I would suggest you call or e-mail to check available dates because this is the most affordable off the road system fishing in this area with a licensed guide, days are being filled quickly. These day trips are all conducted in the lower MatSu Valley on whichever river I believe offers the best chances for success.

My fishing trips range from the upper Skwentna & Yetna River drainage’s to Grayling rivers in the Denali Park area. I live near the small town of Wasilla and travel to our fishing destinations using an 18.5 foot ATEC tunnel hull river boat or if fishing the road system streams a 4 wheel drive Chevrolet Silverado. There are rivers closer to civilization than the Skwentna area and if the fishing is good I would head you to them.

Emphasis on fishing the 2 handed rods

Because I fish 2 hand for all species I am focused on the needs of the Spey caster. While we have a great deal of river miles here in my area not all locations are good for swinging a classic fly or your tubes & Intruders. Where we fish is where I have found success in past seasons swinging flies with a Spey rod. I continue to build my rod selection from 11’6″ for small to medium waters up to 15′ rods for big rivers and with each new year I have found more locations suitable for this style of fishing.

Something New; Adventure guided Trips

Without a doubt there is no shortage of fishing guides in Alaska. Focusing on fly fishing & two handed fishing has helped to set my services apart a bit, but there has to be something different beside being a fly only guide. If you think the title ‘Adventure Trip’ sounds intriguing then I would urge you to contact me. Remote Spike Camps are now part of this operation. The camps are outfitted with your comfort in mind and put you right on top of some of the best fishing this area has to offer. If you would be interested in a 4 – 5 day camp just use the Contact Us button and we can begin to plan your trip.

Seasons & Species

The various species of fish are best sought out during Spring – Summer or Fall depending on what it is you want most to target.  This is due to several factors, the most important of which are water conditions. Salmon for instance, begin entering the rivers by early to mid June and continue throughout September. First come the Kings followed closely by Chum and then Sockeye & Silvers. The Pink Salmon come interspersed with Chum & Sockeye in this part of the state. You can contact me for more specific dates for various species.

Trout and Grayling are present throughout the year but conditions are the best beginning September 10′th through October 30. One reason for this rather small window here in the Matanuska Susitna Drainage is that many of the rivers find their origins at the foot of a glacier. As the weather warms the glacier melts and the waters carry silt which gives them a muddy appearance and the flows become high. In very early spring and fall the flows are more consistent because either; the glaciers have not began to melt or will begin freezing overnight in the cool fall temperatures. With the freezing comes lower flows and crystal clear waters. We have some rivers and creeks that remain clear throughout the seasons and in these, trout can be fished for at any time. Moral of this paragraph; If you want to fish Grayling & Rainbow, schedule for Fall…………

What To Bring: rods – reels – flies and etc.

If you visit the blog page here you will find a basic index of the fly patterns that I have had success with. The patterns are of the traditional type but many fish are caught by people using more readily available patterns if they don’t tie their own for the trip.  I can provide flies but must know if you will need flies provided in advance of your arrival.


Rods: If you own a 9′ 7 – 9 weight rod this will get things done. For the Spey folks, rods from 7/8 to 10/11 are the norm. Rather than to transport a rod for every species I would recommend a 9′ seven weight for small stream conditions and a 13′ 7/8 for all other conditions and larger fish. If you decide to inquire further with me regarding tackle we can fine tune you at that time.

Reels: I have caught some rather large salmon while trout fishing with my 1979 Orvis Far & Fine 5 weight equipped with a Hardy Featherweight reel. It can be done! However, reels having disc drags and at least 100 yards of backing behind the lines are better suited if you hook the big one. Again, if you contact me, we can discuss this tackle so that you will be prepared. [Note] If you travel light and are worried, ‘What if’, I have plenty of fine tackle here to fill any void.

Other Gear: Your waders, boots, [Alaska Has Banned Felt Soles] Wading staff (or one will be provided) fishing / rain jacket and warm layers for under all. A cap and polarized eye wear will be very handy. Most other non essential items can be acquired here in Alaska, we have several well stocked fly shops within a reasonable drive.


For a complete written explanation of costs and package options you must contact me via e-mail through the web site. All trips must be reserved in advance and full details will be provided to you in reply to your contact. The pricing listed below may change along with our high cost for fuel. It is the fuel that controls prices. Once you are actually ‘booked’ and have made a deposit you are locked in, so don’t worry about changes after an agreement is made.

Unlike a lodge that can set a flat per day price, my pricing is dependent on where a client wants to fish. When you contact me we can discuss the many options regarding destinations.  The destinations are based on where the fish are at and some may require long distance river travel to reach the point where we will be fishing. The fee for the guide does not change but the cost of fuel burned by the boat will have an affect on the total cost. Using the ‘full & half day trip’ prices listed below will help you plan what’s best for you.  With me as your guide you can go to where the fish are, not where the lodge is at.  I can arrange lodging for you or if you are after a full-fledged adventure we can tent camp along a river.

Full Day River Boat Trip: $375 for one angler or $500 for 2 fishermen. This includes river chow & snacks. Full days begin fishing at 6:00 AM and must end by 8:00 PM. Remember, during late May, June, and early July it does not get dark here so a full day can go almost 15 hours of fishing and boat transport time.

Half Day River Boat Trip: Launch at 4:30 AM and begin fishing by 6:00 Am. End fishing at 12:00 noon then return to launch area.  $200 / person or $325 / 2 people. These are short range trips but still get you into some nice spots.

Multi Day Rates: On extended or multi day trips I may be able to save you some money depending on the nature of the fishing trips. As the logistics are planned for each trip I will make you aware of any possible savings available to you.

Things I Cannot Provide or Control
In an effort to be completely honest I must add a few things here. This is fishing and for many it is fishing booked ten months in advance. Among things I cannot guarantee are weather & water conditions, I have seen Drought conditions, I have seen flooded conditions and I have seen perfect conditions. I have no way to tell you what we will see in June, July or August of 2018 but hope springs eternal here. One other thing, although this is Alaska I cannot guarantee you will catch more fish than some other destination. I’ve seen people catch a hundred apiece and I’ve seen people catch just one or 2. It’s all about run strength, water conditions and the willingness to grab the flies. I fell the need to say that, it is not meant to be negative it is just the truth.

The Cabin
We, my wife Nancy and I, also have a cabin on Hewitt Lake situated 78 river miles off the road system where you can enjoy some of the best pike fishing in this part of Alaska. From the cabin it is a beautiful and exciting 30 mile river boat ride to the famous Talachulitna River where rainbow trout, Arctic Grayling, and 5 species of salmon can be found. Access to the cabin requires a short bush plane trip from Willow Alaska. For pricing on flights and fishing from this camp please contact me

Provided Services

  • Fly Fishing Instruction For Beginners
  • Airport Pickup of client / clients if needed
  • Return you to Airport on time for departure
  • Meals (On the River Trips)
  • River Boat / Coast Guard Licensed Guide
  • Fly Fishing Gear if needed & backup tackle
  • Shipping arrangements for your tackle
  • Photography of Your Trip

What to bring

  • Camera / Binoculars
  • Warm Clothing / Rain Gear
  • Sun Glasses / Cap or hat

Past Trips

A few highlights from past trips.