About Contacting Ard;


There have been many people who have used the “Contact Us’ tab and sent e-mail to me via the info@akflyfifhingguide.com address.

I have replied to every inquiry, some multiple times, it seems that either you do not receive the replies or may have lost interest.

Please add the address of the website to your contacts list so any replies are not caught in your junk mail or spam filters. I would provide my private e-mail address here on the website if it were not for the amount of spam that I myself would receive.

I have long wondered why it is that I receive messages – reply only to not here back from the persons who contacted me here. That wondering is what led to my making this post. Please scroll down through the many articles that are located here on the page if you are looking for information – opinions or any products I offer here.

Thank you for visiting,