Time For Some Fish Photos;


No fish were harmed in taking these photos and all were caught using Spey rods and swung flies :)

A Good Shot

Please don’t overlook the many other articles on the Alaska Flies & Rivers Blog after viewing some of the fishes, the articles discuss the tactics used to get those fish in front of the camera :)

I will depart from my normal program of writing huge texts and just post a string of photos. if you have questions or comments please post them and I’ll reply.




Silver Blushed0775

Silver Blushed0773

Silver Blushed0772

Silver Blushed0771

Silver Blushed0770

Silver Blushed0769

Silver Blushed0767









Keni Anchor Trip0980

Keni Anchor Trip0970

I’m going fishing tomorrow Wednesday November 2nd if the ice isn’t too bad.

{Additional Photos} The river was frozen solid at the boat launch so I was home by 1:00 PM. There’s no way to know unless I hitch up a boat and drive to the river. I haven’t been down there for almost 4 weeks so….. Doh!

Downed Spruce0765

Silver Blushed0776


Keni Anchor Trip0977


Just An Update Regarding the 2016 Season.


I can’t say that this was a normal year. I didn’t host any King trips and didn’t fish for them at all myself. There were reasons for that and I’ll try to be brief although this seldom works. The 2015 season was wrought with low water conditions on all of our non glacial rivers here in South Central Alaska. While the glaciated flows were running very high most small tributaries were so low that use of the boat was limited and the boulders and gravel bars were plentiful. With careful navigating and a lot of hiking we still got into some good fishing.

I had 2015 in mind when I decided to forgo Kings this year. We had very little snow pack and I fully expected a repeat of 2015 so I laid out an ambitious work load for the cabin and spent the king season out there oblivious to what was really happening. It seems that in my absence and the presence of unusually warm weather some rivers were doing fine. What little snow pack we had provided a late May / June runoff and the king returns were strong. Bummer, but what could have been an outstanding king season for me or anyone fishing with me ended up as a work detail. The work must be done and when you are a one man operation like me, one man and a dog that is, choices must be made.

I was able to get the logs cleaned and sanded – re- chink the exterior and apply a fresh finish to the place as well as build a new addition to the dock. The grass cutting thing takes up much of my time out there because the Bush is intent on reclaiming our hard fought clearing, I see a heavy duty lawn tractor in the future for sure.

So here’s the King season…………….


The 16 foot X 4 foot extension came first and although copious amounts of adult beverages were consumed the entire project went off without a hitch. It was however supervised by Boss who sees every project through with me. Below you see the new section complete with float logs and approved by Boss also.



I’m not wild about the looks of that 30 gallon drum strapped to my console for fuel but it is a 75 mile one way trip just to reach the cabin so an oversize tank is in your best interest out there.

Then there was the cleaning and chinking followed by finish…….



Yes that’s another Mokai on the front porch. I keep it out there and move it to rivers by strapping it into the front of the ATEC Sockeye. I also took a picture of the interior as it continues to improve, I’m going to carpet the second floor this winter. The paper taped in the windows helps to avoid bird strikes.


During all that I did take time out to go down on the dock and make a few casts with my old Orvis 9′ nine weight.


With proper water conditions and some prospecting you can catch some appreciable size pike in the lake. The largest this year was caught by my stepson Robert at just under 40″. He was fishing from the Mokai and released the fish without even a picture?? He doesn’t have a fishing website so it didn’t occure to him I guess, shame that was.


During the warm weather I spent my share of time swimming right down by the dock and had to take the obligatory underwater Lilly shot.

I’ll put together some more content and include some fish that were caught when we finally started fishing, I hope you’ll come by to read and view the entries.


Video on Streamer Fishing Techniques


This is something long overdue, I have created a video. Please bear with the first 2 minutes 30 seconds but there is a reason I put those 3 casts in the program. That reason is to demonstrate that the method for rigging lines I will show you does work, they cast well. After those first couple minutes I’ll pitch into what I think may be useful to many viewers and readers of this set of articles I have here in this blog. The video is the visual companion to the two articles you can find directly below this entry on the page here.

I have met many anglers who have traveled great distances to fish for salmon, steelhead and trout. Most everyone has plenty of tackle but sometimes they are lacking in a very important way, technique for fishing submerged flies. Whether you are headed to the Great Lakes tributaries, The Maritime Provinces, Pacific North West or here to Alaska you will do yourself right by taking time in advance of that trip to practice the style fishing needed at your destination. Just recently I read a question of a fishing forum posted by a fellow leaving for his first steelhead trip in 3 days; “How Do You Rig For Steelhead?” Honestly folks, three days isn’t when you want to start asking or more importantly practicing about or for your trip.

You can practice salmon and steelhead fishing techniques anywhere that there is moving water. The presence of the target species is not necessary at all just to familiarize yourself with techniques. I have provided the link to the video below and there are 2 articles on the same subjects right here too.

I hope you find these things helpful and your comments are always welcome.

Because fish seem to be something we all can agree on I will update with a few recent catches. All of these species were caught using the rigging and techniques I describe in my articles and the video linked above.

Pacific Silver Salmon;

Another Silver;

Steelhead Trout
Keni Anchor Trip0970

Another Steelhead, a fresh one.
Keni Anchor Trip0981

I could go on but will save them for another entry, the point of the pictures was to support my advice given here.

Thanks for reading,