Thank You All For a Great 2014 Season!


Today is October 23rd and things are winding down as we slip toward winter. I am still trout fishing a bit but the rivers to the north are getting some ice along the shores at this time. I’m not one of those guys who heads out when it’s much below 32 degrees because usually it isn’t going to warm up much from there.

I am however still fishing some spots I couldn’t reach in previous seasons due to low water as the nights get cold and no melt water contributes to rapidly dropping waters. I purchased 2 Mokai jet kayaks this year and am still running rivers and creeks using them. I’ll get around to adding another web page and lots of info from the season soon.

I’m considering a sort of Forum format so that people can have an interactive experience as they ask questions about fishing here in Alaska with the Spey rods. What do you think of that idea?

Just to add some color to the post here’s a fancy wet fly I tied.

Rainbow fly0367

I don’t know if I’ll use that, it was one of those flies I made just because I could.